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6 Signs of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Jan 22, 2019

6 Signs of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

It is estimated that more than five million people in the United States are currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The majority of those sufferers are aged 65 years or above, but around five percent of sufferers are diagnosed while they are in their fifties or even younger.

Alzheimer’s disease causes a steady decline in a person’s mental faculties, such as memory and logical thinking. The early onset of Alzheimer’s is often missed as such incidents in a younger person are often attributed to stress and are thought to be temporary.

A person’s experience with Alzheimer’s can be improved if the disease is diagnosed sooner rather than later. Here are six signs of early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Signs of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory loss

As people age they tend to forget things. If someone repeatedly forgets something despite being frequently reminded, or if they rely heavily on memory aids such as notes, then this could be a sign of Alzheimer’s.

Loss of problem-solving abilities

Again, this can be difficult to spot as it’s a natural process of aging. If someone suddenly starts having issues following a recipe or concentrating upon what most people would consider simple tasks, then this can be a warning sign.

Inability to complete familiar tasks

We all gain the ability to ‘do things without thinking’, such as driving to a familiar destination or playing a game without continuously looking up the rules. One warning sign of Alzheimer’s is the sudden loss of the ability to do something that has been completed without any issue for some time.


Again, as people age they can become confused about a few of life’s aspects, but people with early onset Alzheimer’s can become confused about where they are (even if they are in a familiar place), what time it is and the behaviors associated with certain times of the day (such as eating lunch around noon).

Difficulty in understanding visual clues

Some people with Alzheimer’s lose certain aspects of their mental functioning in terms of space and distance. They may suddenly find it hard to judge distances or will bump into things, as they lose some degree of their spacial awareness.

Personality change

People with Alzheimer’s can undergo sudden personality changes as they become unable to cope with the changes in their brain. They can become suspicious, upset and anxious where previously they were happy and confident.

Are You Concerned a Loved One May Be Suffering From Early Onset Alzheimer’s?

If you notice any of the above signs of early onset Alzheimer’s, feel free to give the professionals at Westminster Memory Care a call today for assistance and to learn more about our memory care neighborhoods that have the comforts of real home.

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