Vitality Program at Westminster

Vitality Program at Westminster

Our Vitality program empowers residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss to thrive and grow along their individual journey.   Our personalized approach combined with evidence-based programming helps residents with memory impairment enjoy meaningful moments in a loving environment.  We address each resident’s unique needs by providing them with a sense of purpose, community, and restoration.

Sense of Purpose

Our residents continue to build on new learning experiences through daily meaningful activities designed to foster growth in cognitive, physical, social and spiritual wellness.    Our team uses evidence-based curriculum combined with our residents’ personal interests like replicating favorite recipes in our interactive cooking classes or listening to a devotional on the screened in porch.   Every resident is unique, so we create an individualized, comprehensive care plan that addresses their physical, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Sense of Community

We strive every day to create a sense of community where our residents feel secure, nurtured, and supported.  Our program and community layout encourage social interaction, communication, and collaboration to foster meaningful relationships in an environment of trust.  Our team communicates with residents through respectful and slow encouragements preventing confusing dialogue.  Our team communicates with families regularly and schedules quarterly Care Conferences to update the Care Plan of each resident.

Sense of Restoration

Throughout their journey, our residents require time to restore tranquility and relaxation.  Our calm, supportive environment enables our residents to work through challenging behaviors if needed.  Our residents embrace our nostalgic music feature in surround-sound, refresh in our quiet areas with aromatherapy, or enjoy the virtual aquarium.   Our wellness room has a SPA utilizing essential oils to restore the skin and a massage chair to provide additional relaxation opportunities.

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