Memory Care Programming

Memory Care Programming

Our Memory Care program is rooted in the belief — and supported by evidence-based research — that people living with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss can thrive and grow regardless of where they are on their journey. Our exclusive program addresses the unique needs of residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias while providing them with helpful support, loving care and personalized programming that honors who they are and meets their individual needs. Our comprehensive programming emphasizes our core belief that people with memory loss can enjoy meaningful, fulfilling lives, so we provide them with everything they need to ensure they truly can be their best.
  • Engaged Learning Through Meaningful Activities

    We all recognize — regardless of our stage in life — a need and a desire to continue learning. At Westminster Memory Care, you’ll see our residents engaged in meaningful activities that challenge them to be their best. Think yoga, baking, singing, art projects, and learning about and replicating great, historical paintings.
  • Sense of Community & Socialization

    Everyone wants to be part of a community, so at Westminster Memory Care, our residents and staff live and laugh together as a true tight-knit community. Considerable research has gone into the development of our community layout, programming and activities, all of which encourage socialization and meaningful relationships.
  • Relaxation & Restoration

    Through surround-sound, nostalgic music, quiet areas, a virtual aquarium, and non-plot videos, we strive to maintain a calm, supportive environment with a goal of managing challenging behaviors while restoring solace and relaxation. Our wellness room has a SPA utilizing essential oils to restore the skin and a massage chair to provide additional relaxation opportunities.
  • Meaningful Relationships

    Communications for Memory Care residents are two-fold at Westminster.  We communicate through our quarterly Care Conferences to review and update the Service/Care Plan of each resident. This is done with the management, support staff and resident family and/or responsible party. Secondly, we communicate with residents through respectful and slow encouragements, without quick questioning or confusing dialogue. Close resident-caregiver-family relationships build familiarity and trust, while empowering residents to remain active, connected and fulfilled.
  • Delicious, Nutritious Meals

    Each neighborhood features a natural light-infused dining room that includes an interactive kitchen where residents can participate in preparing snacks and baking cookies, while enhancing their sense of purpose and nostalgia. Meals are nutritious, delicious and appealing to both the eye and palate.
  • Individualized Support

    Everyone is unique, so each new resident who comes to live with us has an individualized, comprehensive care plan that addresses their physical, emotional and behavioral needs. Our team understands the disease process and communicates using respect, encouragement, nonconfrontational and non-confusing dialogue.
  • Comforting Environment

    Our community is the result of extensive research on how living environment impacts people living with memory loss. From the gas lanterns that welcome people at our entrance to the aromatherapy and soothing music that greets them when they walk in, the calming, serene décor is present throughout the community. Our spacious, private suites feature a kitchenette, raised air conditioner to give more floor space, a bathroom heat lamp and lighting to help if one wakes in the middle of the night. All details of our community have been intentionally designed to create a sense of home, to reduce stress, and to have a positive impact our residents and their families.
  • Sense of Purpose

    Beneficial, structured activities that focus on cognitive, physical, social and spiritual wellness are an essential component of our programming. Daily activities provide routine, which helps reduce anxiety and stress in residents. Empowering residents to gain a sense of purpose and encouraging success is a daily goal.
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